Simplify. Organize. Manage.

Building Client wealth is more than managing assets. It is the sum of the parts of plan design, asset allocation, and implementation that help achieve the desired resultsWe are first and foremost financial planners and we strongly believe in the planning process. If you don’t organize and analyze where you are then your desired results will be harder to attain. If you go through the process of planning, then you will have a better idea if your goals are realistic and if you are on the right track.

If you choose to engage Eugenias Advisory Group, LLC to manage investments, it will be done on a discretionary basis, based on the your unique financial situation and written investment objectives. Discretionary basis means the client will allow the Advisor to open securities accounts and give instructions to buy, sell or transfer stock, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities at the advisor’s selection, discretion and timing.

Discretionary authority helps take some of the emotions out of asset selection. It is based on written and stated objectives for desired returns based on each individual client’s risk factor [your ability to sleep at night]. This authority does not grant Advisor authority to take custody or possession of your funds or securities, except for deduction of advisory fees.

Wealth Advisory Services include ongoing planning to meet goals and objectives while managing investments.  If this service is chosen Client should understand that the fee charged for this Service is not only to manage investments but for the advice that is being given on a continual basis. If this If you have gone through the financial planning process, you will receive a written financial plan.

  1. In-depth discussion of goals, objectives, risk tolerance and your past investment experience
  2. Review of existing investment asset allocation
  3. Set up of appropriate asset allocation
  4. Recommendation and implementation of assets
  5. Quarterly review of asset allocation with semiannual rebalancing
  6. Ongoing review of financial planning issues done on a rotation of every two – five years
  7. Ongoing educational sessions – this is an important part of what we do
  8. Written Investment Policy Statement
  9. Money movement (bank/brokerage)
  10. We attempt to make your job easy – we do as much of the client service work for you as possible
  11. Annual meetings will be held (in person or by phone) to discuss how your investment plan is performing.

A minimum fee of $5,125/quarter applies for Wealth Advisory Services. To review the fee schedule, please contact us for a copy for the most recent ADV Form Part 2.