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Investment Selection

We believe that fear and greed are the two emotional drivers that motivate most individuals when buying or selling securities. We also believe that no one can consistently out-perform the market. According to research market timing only accounts for about 2% of a portfolio’s returns.

We develop portfolios based on individual needs that are designed for long term capital preservation and appreciation. Our portfolios are not static because the economy is ever changing – we look at our portfolios on a quarterly basis, but rebalancing will occur only as needed. Our philosophy is based on good investment selection across multiple asset classes.

Asset Allocation

Wealth building is based on trying to benefit from investing in broadly diversified asset classes with emphasis on preserving what you have already created. Securities do not always move in the same direction therefore studies have shown that if you allocate your assets across a broad spectrum of securities you will benefit from maintaining less volatility than investing in any one class of assets. If you examine US stocks, International stocks, real estate and bonds you will see that they don’t always move in tandem, instead the international stocks will outperform US stocks in some years and vice versa in other years.

If you invest with emotion instead of discipline you might not want to buy while prices are down but that is just what you need to do. Our approach to investing is to look for the securities that have consistently performed well but are down in value and buy those securities; your portfolio will benefit from those values when that segment of the market turns around.

The Risk Factor

As your Advisor we are aware of the need for you to achieve your expected return; however, it must be measured against your ability to accept risk. All securities have a specific place and time in a portfolio [some are never appropriate for certain individuals]. You have a specific return you need to make in order to meet your goals. Our job is to identify the amount of risk you are willing to take that will still let you sleep at night and design your portfolio around those factors to enable you to meet those needs, now and in the future.